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Why should you neuter
your pet?


  • Stop hormonally influenced aggression towards other animals

  • Drastically reduce the risk for reproductive cancers (testicles, mammary glands, uterus or ovaries)

  • Stop them roaming and hence reduce the risk of fighting or road traffic accidents

  • Prevent unwanted pregnancies

  • Prevent potentially fatal conditions like pyometra (infection of the uterus)

  • Significantly reduce the risk for false pregnancies

  • Significantly reduce the risk for prostrate enlargement or inflammation

  • Prevent or reduce undesirable behaviour like urine marking/spraying, mounting of furniture or even family members, calling and soiling during seasons

  • Eliminate sexual frustration and focus attention on their human family



Joel Street Farm
Eastcote, Pinner
Middlesex HA5 2PD

020 8868 3311

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