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Our services

Surgical Procedures
All procedures and labwork are done on site with the most up to date equipment available.

This includes blood test machines, digital x-ray facilities, ultra sound, ECG, isofluorane anaesthesia, oxygen monitoring machines, ultrasonic dental descalers and much more.

Geriatric Clinic

It is important to pick up early stage organ deterioration, so we always advise a urine sample and blood test as a basis during these consultations. Many drugs and diets are now available to slow the ageing process.

Weight Loss Clinic
If you are concerned with the weight of your pet we are more than happy to help you get those extra pounds off your pet. The staff are experienced in advising with regards to special diets and often we are happy to reweigh the pets every couple of weeks to see what progress has been made.

Puppy Socialisation Parties
A week after your puppy's second vaccination you are welcome to join us on Wednesday evenings at 6.45pm for 45 minutes to one hour. The object of these sessions is to introduce your puppy to others and to their human families in a safe environment where they will learn to play and interact in an acceptable way. Andrea, our Head Veterinary Nurse, will be on hand to offer help and advice. Please telephone the Clinic if you would like to take advantage of this free service.

We strongly advise that females are spayed before their first season, when the puppy/kitten is around 6 months of age. By spaying before their first season, it makes it very unlikely for the bitch to develop mammary tumours or a life threatening infection called 'pyometra', conditions we tend to see quite frequently if not spayed. Castration is usually done at the same time or slightly later age and removes the possibility of testicular cancer and often greatly reduces the probability of prostatic, behavourial or aggression problems. The veterinarian will be happy to discuss these reasons with you.

This can be done at any age. A micro-chip is inserted under the animal's skin at the back of the neck. It has a code number on it which is entered into a database with your name and address. Most veterinary surgeries, rescue agencies, police stations and other interested agencies have hand held scanners which will reveal the code. The central agency is then contacted and hopefully you will be re-united with your pet.



Joel Street Farm
Eastcote, Pinner
Middlesex HA5 2PD

020 8868 3311

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